Rotor-City provides helicopter management, and flight support services. Through an helicopter management contract, operators and owners entrust the operation of their aircraft to Rotor-City.

Every helicopter owner (company or private individual) retains full control of their aircraft, while Rotor-City provides the turnkey management program to support their needs.

Rotor-City serves as a flight operations department and manages in the owners best interest with strict privacy and confidentiality. The services rendered under Rotor-City's Aircraft Management Agreement include in-house flight planning and scheduling, flight crew staffing, line operations, maintenance services and hangar space for the aircraft, along with insurance, accounting administrative services, and much more.

If they wish, Rotor-City can even charter a client's aircraft so that they earn income from their asset while reducing fixed expenses.

Rotor-City's aircraft management program achieves the care and proper handling of your helicopter whether it is parked or in the air.